POLE(the software is from https://github.com/ftegenfe/polepp ) problem

Hi !
I am having some problems of POLE software. This POLE is from the github and the developer is from CERN, so I want to ask some helps in root forum.

This POLE used to calculate upper limit by using Feldman-cousins methods including systematic error, thus I download the POLE and try to run some example:

the run command is:

./polelim --effmeas 1 --effdist 2 --effsigma 0.42 --bkgmeas 0.59 --bkgdist 2 --bkgsigma 0.38 --nobs 0

however the output is below, it seems wrong but I can’t know how to solve this problem:

 *Test hyp. step    : 0.01
 Step mu_best       : 0.01
 Max N, mu_best     : 20
 Method             : FHC2
 Verbosity          : 0
 Parameters prefixed with a * above are not   
 relevant for limit calculations.

- ERROR: limit calculation failed. Possible causes:
- 1. binary search threshold too large
- 2. precision threshold too large
- 3. precision in integrations (eff,bkg) not sufficient
- 4. poisson table insufficient precision -> try without tabulated poisson
- 5. minimum probability in belt calculation too large; min = 0.001
- Results:
-    probability (should be ~ CL)  = 0.890523
-    lower lim norm (should be ~1) = 1
-    upper lim norm (ditto)        = 0.89976
-    lower lim                     = 0
-    upper lim                     = 2.29625

So is there someone is familiar with this POLE software or someone who knows the developer of POLE: Fredrik Tegenfeldt ? I want to contact with the developer and fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks !

You could try an email: “Fredrik.Tegenfeldt_at_cern.ch”

Thank you! I have sent an email to Fredrik last week but I don’t receive a reply

Welcome to the ROOT forum.

Try to post an issue on the github repository.
BTW which github repository are you talking about?

There is no Fredrik Tegenfeldt in the CERN Directory…

The repositry website is in the title of this topic.

Ok, it a little bit wired :disguised_face: :sweat_smile:

I see the repo now, Sorry I missed it in the title.
As @bellenot said this guy is not visible in the CERN directory.
Maybe he was 17 years ago when the software was created.
I think the best is to post an issue on the GitHub repository.

Ok thank you
I can try

BTW, is there something like this in ROOT to calculate the upper limit including systematic error using Feldman-cousins methods ?




I was somehow tagged in this post.

Try using the simple case:

./polelim --effdist 0 --bkgdist 2 --bkgmeas 1 --bkgsigma 0.38 --nobs 0

If one reduces the bkgmeas to 0.9 then that error comes and also similar by increasing the bkgsigma…
It seems to be a bug, try varying the values slightly then for such small values the UL won’t change drastically. You can follow the the paper: Phys.Rev.D57:3873-3889,1998 for comparing the UL values…

Yes. POLE can work well just in some values. However it seems nobody maintain POLE program now thus I decided use RooStat to calculate upperLimit. Thank you

Thank you for your advise. I am trying to use RooStat. Thank you very much.

Hi Debashis!
I meet some problems with Standardhypotestinvdemon.C. Below is a post:

Could you help me ? Thank you very much

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