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Evolution Proposals, Apps & Ideas

About the Evolution Proposals, Apps & Ideas category (1)
Guidelines for submitting a contribution (1)
Feature request - make uninstall (17)
Change the z-axis scale of log-scaled TH2s (8)
[TMatrixDSparse,dichotomy] Search for non-zeros nrows (4)
ISO C++ study group on Machine Learning and data science (2)
TAxis FixedToVariable and VariableToFixed proposal (3)
Do not recompute the pseudorapidity every time it is read (6)
Idea: `root -E`, convenient expression evaluation in the cli (7)
RDataFrame syntax more like TTree::Draw (19)
Development of a root-compatible GDML module for FreeCAD (4)
Go-HEP v0.16.0: rootio is dead, long live groot (1)
Dot density maps (11)
Go-HEP: write support for TH1x, TH2x and TGraphs in go-hep/rootio (2)
Plotting a graph (2)
Writing data from one root file to another (5)
TLatex #updownarrow (2)
Any interest in a d3js remake of Histo-Scope / Nplot (3)
TH1::StatOverflows is not thread safe (3)
A graph type object with configurable stat/sys errors (4)
[RE-0004] TNUMAExecutor discussion thread (1)
[RE-0002] root-migrate discussion thread (1)
Storage Ownserhip (5)
Mroot - MATLAB/ROOT data interface (7)
TH2 x y projection interactive viewer (2)
Go-HEP - v0.7: 3 new ROOT related commands (+ eye candy) (1)
Root-dump: dumping files and trees on screen, with Go-HEP (1)
Root2yoda with Go-HEP (1)
ROOT files writer with a non-C++ related producer (2)
ROOT7: an opportunity to simplify the file format? (3)