Oscilloscope class for binary waveforms 16-bit

Assuming you have a binary file containing digitized pulse waveforms (16-bit) in simple format, i.e. a concatenation of 2-bytes x number of samples per pulse x number of pulses in file, this is your handy GUI class! It acts like an interactive oscilloscope to watch the stored waveforms, navigating back and forth, and even subtracting baseline and 2D accumulation.

It is tested with ROOT 5.34/36 (Windows and Linux) as well as ROOT 6.09/01 (Linux).

No need to install or make. Just unzip and run as:

root -l test_gui_v5.cpp+(0)


root -l test_gui_v5.cpp+

or (ROOT6):

root -l test_gui.cpp+(0)


root -l test_gui.cpp+

libPulseSurfer.zip (797 KB)

I confirm it works on Mac with Cocoa - ROOT version 6.09/01

New version here with a reload file Icon for refreshing an overwritten file

libPulseSurfer.zip (10.7 KB)