Vavilov - Gaus Convolution with RooFit


I am trying to implement a convolution of vavilov (x) gaus.
Im able to convolute landau (x) gaus, and want to do the next step now,
I m trying to create a RooAbsPdf for a Vavilov.
Up to now I didn’t manage to do that.
What do i have to do to define a function with 5 parameters: x,kappa, beta2, mean, sigma.

I tried different tutorials but i didn’t find anything what would fit here.
The bindPdf function only works up to 4 parameters, this is not enough…

Could some one help me?



You can use the RooFunctorPdfBinding class:

Either use the ROOT::Math::Vavilov class or your own implementation and then use the ROOT::Math::Functor class to bind to the right interface that can be passed to RooFunctorPdfBinding

Best Regards