TRatioPlot h1/h2 instead of h2/h1

Dear Root developers,

I am using the TRatioPlot class starting from a THStack and a TH1F. I am pretty satisfied with it but there are two features I would like to request:

  1. alphanumeric labels, as asked already in How to force TRatioPlot to keep the same label

  2. the possibility of making the ratio of THStack/TH1 and not just TH1/THStack. In practical terms, if a stack plot represents Monte Carlo and the TH1 data, one can only plot MC/data and not data/MC which is more common. I tried to make the trick of and use the constructor TRatioPlot(TH1*, TH1, “”) but then I lose the THStack in the plot.

Please let me know if for point 2 there is a workaround I ignore.

Best regards,
Carlo A. Gottardo

There is nothing new there.

Can you provide a small reproducer here so I can make a lira request,

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