Hi all,

I’m trying to plot 2D histograms overlaid on top of one another, its quite difficult to get a good representation, so far the best I have achieved is what I have uploaded here. I would really like to make the white dots semi-transparent, in order to better see the layer below, is that possible?


Check this thread: Transparent histogram fill style

Transparency is something we hope to have with GL in Pad.

[quote=“couet”]Transparency is something we hope to have with GL in Pad.[/quote]I do not think this is the solution. Such kind of transparency was available with Qt layer for many years. Are you saying that your “GL in Pad” will be able to produce the correct pictures in batch #-o on the screenless node with no video gl card at all? What people need, they need the PDF/Postscript copy to preserve the screen transparency as well. After all people need to publish their results. For example, PDF files produced by Qt preserve the transparency correctly (that has nothing to do with OpenGL and it does not rely on any video card capability)