TProfile3D fitting

Hello ROOT users,

I have a value that depends of 3 other values. So I made a TProfile3D and I need to fit it with linear fit for that 3 values in some sub-range.These 3 values are not independent so I can’t made 3 separate 1D profiles and fit them separately. Does anyone have idea how to do it?

hprof3d  = new TProfile3D("hprof3d","Profile of tcr versus ts12, ts13 and ts14",100,0,2000,100,0,2000,100,0,2000);
for (int i = 1; i < events; i++)
	//ts12,ts13,ts14 are 3 not independent values

Thanks in advance,

There is several examples here showing how to first 3D data set: … __fit.html