TMultiGraph Y+ Draw Option

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I’m trying to implement a two axis multigraph following the example:

@couet But i find myself lost as to how to make it work for a multigraph. I have essentially changed the two graph into two multigraph but the Y+ option does not seem to work anymore.

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ROOT Version: v6-20-00@v6-20-00
Platform: macosx64
Compiler: Clang

This seems to be a bug. You can try:

g2->SetTitle(";my X;my Y");
TH1F *h = g2->GetHistogram();

I can’t seem to understand what am I supposed to do… I tried modifying the example as follows, could you take a look?

DoubleAxies_R1.cxx (2.8 KB)


How come the “A” option is making the difference here?
I’m sorry if I’m too bothering
Thank you very much for the appreciated help


Yes, X+ and Y+ are not implemented for TMultiGraph.

Is there any way users can glean this from the documentation? The TGraphPainter class reference has an example with a multigraph, seems like you should be able to use Y+ as well.

I agree, it can be more clear.
The best being to implement it for TMultiGraph.