The final value of RooRealVar is always equal to the initial value

Hi all,
I meet something unusual when I performing unbinned likelihood using roofit: Only the first parameters get changed and the others do not(always be in the initial values!)

But when I using binned likelihood fit(RooDataHist), the fit result is perfect and get no errors. I can’t figure out what reason it is.
The signal and background pdf are constructed by:

    RooRealVar mean("mean", "", 5280,5276,5282);
    RooRealVar sigma("sigma", "", 3,2,4);
    RooGaussian sigpdf("sigpdf", "", mass, mean, sigma);

    RooRealVar nsig("nsig", "", 2140,0,10000);
    // RooRealVar nbkg("nbkg", "", 11845, 0,12500);
    RooRealVar nbkg("nbkg", "", 0);
    RooRealVar frac("frac", "", 0, 1);
    // RooAddPdf allpdf("allpdf", "", RooArgList(sigpdf, pol), RooArgList(nsig, nbkg));
    RooAddPdf allpdf("allpdf", "", RooArgList(sigpdf), RooArgList(nsig));
    RooFitResult *result = allpdf.fitTo(*data,  RooFit::SumW2Error(kTRUE),RooFit::Save());

PS: the output when fitting with RooDataSet is:

     Floating Parameter  InitialValue    FinalValue +/-  Error     GblCorr.
  --------------------  ------------  --------------------------  --------
                  mean    5.2800e+03    5.2800e+03 +/-  0.00e+00  <none>
                  nsig    2.1400e+03    2.1400e+03 +/-  0.00e+00  <none>
                 sigma    3.0000e+00    3.0000e+00 +/-  0.00e+00  <none>
#0] WARNING:Minization -- RooMinimizerFcn: Minimized function has error status.
Returning maximum FCN so far (-1e+30) to force MIGRAD to back out of this region. Error log follows
Parameter values: k0=0.8, nbkg=16250, nsig=1910.97
RooNLLVar::nll_allpdf_data[ paramSet=(k0,nbkg,nsig) ]
     function value is NAN @ paramSet=(k0 = 0.8 +/- 0.0420735,nbkg = 16250 +/- 5259.19,nsig = 1910.97 +/- 589.03)
RooAddPdf::allpdf[ nsig * sigpdf + nbkg * pol ]
     getLogVal() top-level p.d.f evaluates to zero @ !refCoefNorm=(), !pdfs=(sigpdf = 0/60469,pol = -nan/300), !coefficients=(nsig = 1910.97 +/- 589.03,nbkg = 16250 +/- 5259.19)

Here is the scripts and data set:

newfit.C (1.7 KB)
Processing: MCBu2L0pJpsi_all_newmass.root…

I find the reason:
The fit variable of some events are nan, which lead to errors. After removing such events, everything get fine.
Similar situation: Extended fit with RooHistPdf results in ‘function value is NAN’ - Newbie - ROOT Forum (

Thank you for letting us know. When you get pdf values as Nan you should get an error message from Roofit and one needs to take notice of these messages.



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