TH2D histogram with user defined color palette

I have drawn a 2D histogram using the option “colz”, and I have defined the color palette such that it is more fine grained in the lower area. The problem is, as one can see from the attached picture, that it is almost impossible to see the what the color coding is in the lower area. Is there a possibility to redifine the scale on the color coding box, such that this can be clearer.
test.pdf (39.3 KB)

your case is good candidate for log scale along Z

Also note that we can do much better palettes… your is not very nice. See … or-palette

Thanks for the answers. I already though about using logscale, but the problem is that I want to have it fine grained in any area I choose. Therefore logscale is not ideal in this situation

so define a palette with many levels as shown in the how-to I sent you.