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Dear ROOT Experts,

I have a problem with coloring histogram bars according to content.

I am using openGl (gStyle->SetCanvasPreferGL(kTRUE)). I would like to have histogram with 2 colors indicating bars below and above some threshold value.

I tried to do it using stack with 2 histograms (painted with two different colors), but I couldn’t make THStack work with gl functionality (I mean highlighting the bar and displaying bar info: x, y, content).

I can change the color of the bar, but unfortunately color changes only for the part of the bar above threshold (SetPalette and SetContour functions). I would like to have the whole bar painted (from bottom to top) - is that possible?

Thanks for help.


HI Aleksandra,

I am afraid what you are trying to do is not possible with the GL option.
THStack does not work with GL, Draw(“GLSAME”) generates a second picture
in top of the original.
Att a little macro to try the cases.
Without GL it works with e.g. 0LEGO1,
Note: Both histos must have same limits in x y z

Olivier correct me, if I am wrong

same2d.C (908 Bytes)

This can be done with a normal THStack without OpenGL. There is many examples. For instance: … ack.C.html


Thank you for the replies.

I know, that THStack works without openGL.

The reason I decided to use openGL was the function TGLHistPainter::GetObjectInfo which displays bar information.

I could not obtain correct bin coordinates when mouse clicking on LEGO plot without openGL (what I got was the coordinates from 2D plane). Maybe you know how to get correct coordinates without openGL when clicking on LEGO plot?


Try View>Event Status

we should admit that the “Event Status” output is not very useful for LEGO plots
without the GL option.
To illustrate this att a little macro and 2 screen copies:
Compare the cursor positions with the x, y binc values.
Note the true value is 9,9 binc 1
Without the GL option one should use “flat” options like COL or BOX
if one needs “pick functionality”


same2d_1.C (386 Bytes)


Thanks for all the replies.

Correct coordinates are more important than bar colors for me, so I will stay with openGL.