Spread Option, "s", in TProfile

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the spread option of the TProfile function. Here is what I am doing:

        TProfile* histo2ProfY2 = Histogram2->ProfileY("histo2ProfY2", 0, -1, "s [cut1]");
        histo2ProfY2->SetTitle("RMS (Spread) ProfileY of tot vs. nSigmaTof(#pi)");

However, the above code does not produce a different outcome than when I use the default option with no β€œs”:

        TProfile* histo2ProfY1 = Histogram2->ProfileY("histo2ProfY1", 0, -1, "[cut1]");
        histo2ProfY1->SetTitle("ProfileY of tot vs. nSigmaTof(#pi)");

I also attached an image of the output of both pieces of codes at the end of this thread. The comparison between the default plot and the plot where the option β€œs” is specified tells me that turning on option β€œs” is really not doing anything. Any thoughts on how to turn on the spread option β€œs” properly?

Thank you very much and I really appreciate the help!

SampleOutput.pdf (55.1 KB)

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Maybe @moneta or @couet can take a look once back from vacation

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Look at the doc. The spread option is related to errors. You plot the histogram with the option hist… which removes the errors … so …


Thank you very much for the helpful answer! This was exactly the issue!