Simple questions from a beginner

i have some easy question for you to answer :smiley: . I use root to analyze the data of my practical. I hope u can help me, because i dont understand the corresponding topics in the usersguide.
I measure various arrays of values in the practical. The simplest way to obtain a graph is in my sight to define arrays with values and create a TGraph object.
First question: For me it is easier to type the data in excle. Is there a way to convert the data from excel to root , so i dont have to type in every single value in the command line?
Second question: To fit a graph i use the FitPanel displayed in the Canvas. The computed values will than displayed on the terminal. Is there a way to save this solutions so i can integrate them for example in my protocol (a screenshot seems so common :slight_smile: )
Third question: in the current evaluation i need to fit my data with a curve proportional to a*exp(-bx)+c wherein a,b,c are parameters. I know i can create my own function but it doenst work. Im not familiarized with the syntax and the users guide is not really helpful.
I hope i had explain my position clearly.
Thank you for your help
Greetings Kevin

Save the Excel table in an ascii format and the use the TGraph constructor fro a file: … 4b6826a434