Scatter contour plots


I would like to know how to to do scatter-contour plots like the one in paper (fig. 1)

I have tryed with colz option:
ntuple->Draw(¨x:y:z¨,¨ ¨, ¨colz¨)


ntuple->Draw(¨x:y:z¨,¨ ¨, ¨same colz¨)

but it does not work because then the bar for the Z variale projected does not obey any range I want to use and in the ther hand it does not allow me to combine this option with the structure worked out for the histogram prviously (like type of letter in axes, canvas style etc…).

Any idea?


I’m not sure I understand the question, ‘colz’ (with ‘same’ if you have several histograms) should work… Do you have a running macro showing what you are trying to achieve? And showing where and how it fails?

Cheers, Bertrand.

I guess you want to do:

ntuple->Draw(¨x:y¨,¨z¨, ¨colz¨)

The plot you refer to is 2D not 3D…