Rotating images using ROOT

Dear Experts,

I have 3 images which I want to arrange as shown in fds_plot.pdf (182.1 KB)

The three images are:for_approval2D_fds.pdf (125.6 KB)
for_approval_1D_fds_low_p.pdf (15.1 KB)
1Dfds_high_p.pdf (14.6 KB)

I understand that I have to create different pads to make this but i am really not able to implement it. It would really be great if you helped me do this.


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_ROOT Version:_5.34

Platform: Linux
Compiler: Not Provided

If you are working with PDFs, try with latex/pdflatex or maybe Ghostscript directly, not with ROOT.

sorry, I might have asked the wrong question, if I am working with histograms, how can I make such a plot?

As far as I know (but someone might correct me!), ROOT cannot rotate histograms, so I would save each one as PDF (or EPS, or even PNG, which may be easier to join, e.g. with montage, although you lose the vector advantages) and then join outside ROOT.

As far as I know, it is not easily possible to rotate histogram (see ROOT-2476) so the easiest way remains to do montage yourself from different pictures.
Yet, maybe @couet can say more.

Hi @pamputt,

I have really asked the wrong question. I need to play with TPad and Projections to get what I want. I will post the answer and the macro once I am done.

Thanks a lot for your response :smiley:

Hi @pamputt, @couet @dastudillo

I have managed to do a similar plot using the attached macro.b2_style_pad.C (6.9 KB). However, I need to rotate the 1D histograms on the bottom right of this plot.unnamed.pdf (67.3 KB). I am trying to use HBAR to rotate but I cannot retain the style of the plot (as that on the top left). In addotion I am also not able to set the marker styles for the 2D histogram.

It will be really great if you helped me in this. The root file that I am using is for_fds_plots.root (177.2 KB)


This link provides the answer: Unable to Retain the Style of the projection Histogram on using HBAR

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