Rootbrowse on Mac

ROOT Version: 6.22/02
Built for macosx64 on Aug 17 2020, 12:46:52
From tags/v6-22-02@v6-22-02


I was trying to open a .root file in a Browser directly from my command line and found that rootbrowse file.root should do it, but every time it opens the TBrowser it just stays loading and I can’t do anything on it.

It seems that Mac had a problem with that (Rootbrowse stuck). Has that been solved or is there another solution for it?


According to this Pull Request the issue should be fixed, maybe @swunsch can confirm

I just tried rootbrowse on Mac with the ROOT master version. It works.

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I’m afraid that the fix hasn’t made it in v6-22-02 but is just available on master. In the next ROOT release this will be resolved!

Until then, it’s best for you going through the ROOT prompt like that:

[shell] $ root -l file.root
 [root] $ TBrowser b; // file will be already attached to this browser