Rootbrowse stuck

_ROOT Version: 6.22 homebrew version
_Platform:OS X 10.15.6

I could not using rootbrowse after upgrade python to 3.8.4 and root to 6.22
it stuck at beginning, and I could not using the mouse any more

I could use the python prompt with rootbrowse

>>> import cmdLineUtils
>>> cmdLineUtils.rootBrowse(args.FILE)

How could I debug with it.
Is there anyone has the same problem with me?

Hi @cxwx1,
I think you encountered, sorry about that.

@etejedor or @swunsch should be able to comment on what the outlook on that one is and what the known workarounds are.



Unfortunately, the issue is known, the executable rootbrowse does not work on MacOS. We are sorry!

The long technical explanation: The operating system itself prevents us to spawn an additional thread, which updates the GUI and therefore you see it as frozen. Butwe enabled the GUI in the Python prompt (as you found out!) and in Jupyter notebooks, because there we can attach the “event loop” of the GUI to already existing mechanisms. For example, the Python prompt has the PyOS_InputHook mechanism, which you can use to attach callbacks such as the update of a GUI. At the end, it’s a technical limitation we could not get around (yet?) on MacOS. Suggestions are very welcome!

Here’s the Jira ticket, which tracks the issue:


Hi again,

We are looking into a dedicated fix for rootbrowse, you can follow the discussion in the respective PR here.


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