RooHistPdf Draw Option Problem with Fill Color Style

Dear experts,

When I use “FL” option to draw RooHistPdf, I find only the region between the “histogram curve” and the start-end line is filled. Is there any way to solve that?

model.plotOn(frame, ROOT.RooFit.Components(bkg),ROOT.RooFit.LineColor(ROOT.kBlack),ROOT.RooFit.LineWidth(1),ROOT.RooFit.DrawOption("FL"),ROOT.RooFit.FillColor(ROOT.kOrange))

I am not sure to understand your problem. The yellow histogram is correctly filled seems to me. What would you like to see ?

As the figure shows, you can find there is a white region on the right side of the histogram (up to zero axis,triangle shape, marked by the dashed red circle)

Ah yes, I see a very flat triangle. I am not sure how Rootplot renders this “histogram” is it a real histogram or a graph … @moneta should know. Can you send the canvas (as a root file) so I can inspect how this is drawn ?

hist.root (3.8 KB) (383 Bytes)

Dear experts,

I have uploaded the python script and root file, the plotted result is shown below:

Looks like you are using ROOT 6.20/06. Try to upgrade to the latest release.

By the way, my ROOT version is 6.20/06.

That’s right!Thanks!

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