RooFit doesn't find .h files


I’m trying to run the roofit tutorials, and they don’t seem to work. I get errors like the following:

fatal error: ‘RooGlobalFunc.h’ file not found
fatal error: ‘RooPlot.h’ file not found

I found the source files and created those files in my roofit directory (./root-6.06.06/roofit/roofitcore/inc), and tried following these solutions to adding the path to my macro:

But when I follow their instructions, my attached tutorial gets this error:

error: expected function body after function declarator

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
rf101_basics.C (2.6 KB)

Have a good Day!

Execute “root-config --has-roofit” and see if you get “yes”.
If you get “no”, then you need to rebuild your ROOT enabling “roofit”.

Thank you. I got a “no”, so I am going to try to rebuild and add the fix here later.

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