gSystem->AddIncludePath( doesnt work

I try to add an external header file by using the command

gSystem->AddIncludePath("-I/path/…") but my header file is not seen by root.
I also tried gIntepreter->AddIncludePath("-I/path") Without success.
Om using root-v5-26-00b.
My rootlogon.C looks like thos

gInterpreter->AddIncludePath("-I${ALICE_ROOT}/HLT/CALO “);
gSystem->AddIncludePath(”-I${ALICE_ROOT}/HLT/CALO ");

Add the same statements inside my root macro (attached, without sucess )
6GeV-fitted.root (317 KB)
calib.C (3.04 KB)


If you need you header to be seen by the interpreter you need to use gROOT->ProcessLine(".include where_it_is"); or gInterpreter->AddIncludePath(“where_it_is”) [i.e. without the -I]