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So I have been going through the documentation for RooAbsPdf in order to understand how it works. A function called “generate” is initiated in line 1702 which then returns a function call “generate” in line line 1705. I was assuming that even though these functions have the same name, they should be different because they are part of different name spaces. When I click on each of them the link takes me to the same reference page. Might this be a mistake with the documentation?

Line 1702 of RooAbsPdf.cxx

Indeed there is 6 versions of generate

The generate function is overloaded, such that you can call it with different arguments. It may be that doxygen does not link to the correct function. Which ones did you click exactly? Could you post the link to the function?

Hi @StephanH here is the link:

I am just confused by the fact that the generate function returns generate.

Your link is on 6.07 can you try with the latest root documentation ?

It does not return generate, it returns the return value of another generate function. This is a standard trick if you have another function that generates something, but you want to make it a bit more accessible by providing a function with a different interface. So the helper function calls the generate function that actually generates something, and that’s being returned.

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