Residual plot with TGraphErrors Object

I am trying to make a residual plot of point-fit/error, but I am using TGraphErrors object, so it doesn’t work the same way as with TH1F. Does somebody know how to do it?
alpha_0_beta_and_C01.cxx (3.5 KB) alpha_0_beta_and_C01.txt (783 Bytes)

ROOT Version: 6.23/01

I see that pad2 is empty. But you draw nothing in it … so that’s expected.
Your macro gives me the following plot:

So I made a separate file for histogram data to use for the residuals called dummy1.txt (since I see no other way to do it).
I still have some formatting issues.

  1. The y-axis label on my runner plot is too high.
  2. I want the runner plot to span the same width that my main plot does, but now it is not so.
  3. I am not sure if the residual plot I made is really plotting data-fit/bin_error.

Maybe you can help?

alpha_0_beta_and_C01.cxx (4.2 KB)
alpha_0_beta_and_C01.txt (785 Bytes)
dummy1.txt (9.8 KB)

You are double posting … one is enough …