Question about likelihood offset

Dear experts,

I have a question about offset in likelihood function.

According to createNLL() function, there are three options:
none, initial, and bin (ROOT: RooAbsPdf Class Reference)

However, in RooMinimizer (ROOT: RooMinimizer Class Reference) and ProfileLikelihoodTestStat (ROOT: RooStats::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat Class Reference), there are only two options: true and false. If I set it as true, which options are assigned? (initial or bin?)

Thank you

I find the answer (ROOT: roofit/roofitcore/inc/RooGlobalFunc.h Source File)

inline RooCmdArg Offset(bool flag=true) { return flag ? Offset("initial") : Offset("off"); }

According to the code, Offset(true) is equal to Offset("initial"). So, at a glance, we cannot set Offset("bin"), in RooMinimizer and ProfileLikelihoodTestStat. Is there any way to do this?

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Hi @june0812, thanks for your question. Let me add @jonas in the loop.

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