Offset("bin") for Roofit/RooStats

Dear experts

It is related with Question about likelihood offset - #2 by june0812

Currently, the Offset(“bin”) feature cannot be used for

  1. RooMinimizer (ROOT: RooMinimizer Class Reference)
  2. ProfileLikelihoodTestStat (ROOT: RooStats::ProfileLikelihoodTestStat Class Reference)
  3. UseNLLOffset (ROOT: RooStats Namespace Reference)

It is really nice if we can use Offset(“bin”) for those cases. For instance, ProfileLikelihoodTestStat is used for CLs method (ROOT: tutorials/roostats/StandardHypoTestInvDemo.C File Reference). Currently, we cannot use Offset(“bin”) for CLs method if we do not compile ROOT personally. Is there any plan to implement it?



Thanks for this post.
I opened Make Offset(“bin”) usable for CLs method · Issue #15959 · root-project/root · GitHub to follow the discussion there. I apologise in advance if this is not picked up immediately: presently we are all quite loaded and the holiday period started over here.


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