Proof crashing with autoImportClassCode


I am using ROOT version 5.34 in OSX 10.10.2. I attached a small version of my code. Basically I am trying to do toy generation for calculating upper limits in source/test.cxx.

For this I need a class sig made with RooClassFactory. This class inherits from the class Signals where the signals are defined. In order to use PROOF in test.cxx I found out that I need to use autoImportClassCode to import the code in the workspace. I also noticed that Signals has to be a ROOT class and I made it inherit from rooabspdf with virtual.

The code compiles when you start a ROOT session in the run directory. However when I run test by doing:

root[0] test();

It crashes, I am not sure where is the problem, I hope this is not to involved, could you please take a look at the code?

Thanks. (4.46 KB)

Is this problem solved ?


Not really, but I think we found another way of doing this. I will mark it as solved, we already found limits, and published our paper.