Problem in converting the .hbk file to .root by h2root


I have the problem in converting the .hbk file by h2root. When the size of the .hbk file becomes large this problem occurs specifically. The error message is,

RZOPEN. Cannot determine record length -  EXCHANGE mode is used.
  RZOPEN. Error in the input file
 ***** ERROR in HROPEN : Cannot open file :  
 Error on hropen was 3 
Error cannot open input file: myfile.hbk

Is there any other ways to convert into the .root file?


ROOT Version: Not Provided
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided

not really …
Is there a special reason why you need hook files ? that’s old files you want to convert to root format ?

Hi Couet,

I am working in Belle collaboration in KEK. Here in the BASF framework the output files come in .hbk format. Every time need to convert by h2root into .root files for the analysis.


Ok. is that a new problem with that specific file ? is it working for some other files ?

The problem occurs when the size of the file becomes larger(~>350 MB). But for smaller size files h2root able to convert.

I found an answer to this in the link , but it’s not working.


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Did you resolve this problem? If not, to be able to make progress on this issue, we would need an example file that shows this failure.