Precision TH2F


I have problems with plotting dots precisely on a 2D histogram. The problem is when I zoom in to the graph the dots are displaced by 0.003 on both x and y-axis.

Example one of the dot should be at (0.0545 , 0) but it appears at (0.0545 , 0.003).

I have uploaded two files, and to run it type in terminal:

  • root load -l Load.C

Hope someone can point out my mistakes.

par.cpp (1.11 KB)
Load.C (51 Bytes)


I am not sure I am understanding the issue.
The histogram is used to perform a data reduction. It is normal that you cannot preserve all the information of the filled values: you would need an infinite number of bins to do so - but please correct me if I am wrong.


Thank you very much, I have totally forgot that I am dealing with histogram and not a normal graph!

Also, in that case, I think




Are more appropriate …

The scatter plot option : … .html#HP11
does not make sense for the kind of plot you have.

Thanks :smiley: