Powell Minimization Method?

Is there an implementation of Powell’s Method for minimization like here in ROOT?
I was trying to find a complete list of minimization methods that could be used… could someone point me to that? For my use case, an algorithm like Powell’s that does not rely on derivatives would be most helpful. Thanks!

I think @moneta can comments about his.

Thanks in advance!

If you are referring to the method described here in Wikipedia (Powell's method - Wikipedia), we don’t have it in ROOT.
If you are searching a similar method without using derivatives we have the SImplex method that I think is considered an evolution and a better method compared to the Powell one. We have Simlex available in Minuit, Minuit2 and also as a GSL minimization method.

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thanks @moneta . where might I find the complete list of minimization algorithms available in ROOT? Thanks so much.

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