Plotting RooAbsPdf and errorFillStyle

Dear Root Expert,
I have some problem visualize the correct error band using RooAbsPdf.

regionPdf->plotOn(frame, Normalization(1, RooAbsReal::RelativeExpected), Precision(1e-15), FillColor(style.getErrorFillColor()), FillStyle(style.getErrorFillStyle()), LineColor(style.getErrorLineColor()), LineStyle(style.getErrorLineStyle()), VisualizeError(*rFit));

If i use “errorFillStyle = 3004” the error band are shown correctly but they are not really visible.
So i decide to use “errorFillStyle = 3225” since 3004 (as written in the Guide) cannot be modified.
But now the first bin show a non expected triangolar behaviour (Fig. 1)

Is there any way to show the correct error band also using 3225?

(Using Root 6.04/14)

Thanks in advance,


Fig. 1

This two fill style should have an equivalent lookl. I do not understand why “4” is less visible … any way 225 should also work and this weird shape should not appear. Do you have a simple reproducer I can debug ?

Attached you can find the plot with “errorFillStyle = 3004”.
I would like to use “225” since i can change the thickness of the band.



Ok. but can you give me some reproducer ?

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