Plot polar TH2

I am trying to draw a TH2D plot in a polar coordinate. I have tried:

tree->Draw(“phi:theta>>h2”, “”, “pollego2z”);
(its top view is the 1st plot attached)

tree->Draw(“phi:theta>>h2”, “”, “polcolz”);
(the 2nd plot attached)

But both of them are not satisfied. Plot 1 needs to add axis and y-axis of plot 2 has a problem. I am wondering if I can plot a TH2D plot in a polar coordinate like :


Thank you,

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I will investigate. Surely some improved can be made.

I do not understand how you get the first plot. In my case I get 2 axis when I use POLCOLZ. See the attached picture. I am using the latest ROOT version.

Thanks for your testing.

However, in your plot, x and y axises are not meaningful for a polar coordinate.

Yes the angle is missing. That’s known . It has to be implemented.
I was just pointing out the fact that there is some axis.

I do not know if it has been implemented yet. I worked out a solution for this long time ago and would post it here, may be helpful for other guys.

TCanvas * plot_histogram_in_polar(TH2D * h2d) {

  TCanvas * can = new TCanvas("can", "", 600, 600);
  double ymax = h2d->GetYaxis()->GetXmax();
  double ymin = h2d->GetYaxis()->GetXmin();

  TGraphPolargram * gp = new TGraphPolargram("g",
                                             ymin, ymax,
                                             0, 2*TMath::Pi());
  TPaletteAxis *palette = (TPaletteAxis*)h2d->GetListOfFunctions()->FindObject("palette");
  return can; 

Thanks for the input.


Sorry for reopening this thread, but I am unable to get a 2D polar plot going. Basically I can get:

Data->Draw("lead_E:atan(lead_px/lead_py)","","SURF7 POL")

Naively I thought I should only do

Data->Draw("lead_E:atan(lead_px/lead_py)","","COL POL")

Which looks nothing near to what the SURF managed to do.
In short, how can I just get the 2D polar plot from a TH2?



ps - I am on

ROOT 5.34/05 (tags/v5-34-05@48582, Feb 14 2013, 23:27:57 on macosx64)

I works for me with 5.34 on mac

root [1] ntuple->Draw("px:py","","colz pol")

Hello @zhiyiliu,

Can you just explain how your TH2D has to be build before your function ?
Is it :

  • TH2D* th2 = new TH2D(“th2”," name",binTheta, thetaMin, thetaMax, binR, rMin, rMax);
  • TH2D* th2 = new TH2D(“th2”," name",binX, xMin, xMax, binY, yMin, yMax);

Because I would like to use the first one, but I don’t manage to do so with “Draw(pol colz);” or your function. Also do you now if theta has to be in degree or radian ? The documentation don’t say.

Thank you for your help.

I had some success trawling through the source code to understand what’s going on. It seems that the axis ranges are messed up if when drawing a TH2 with Draw(“COLZ POL”). I managed to get it working by drawing a dummy histogram beforehand.

[code]void PolarTH2()

Double_t rmax(1.);

TH2D* pol_his = new TH2D("polarHist", "polarHist", 20, 0., 2.*TMath::Pi(), 20, 0., rmax); // the polar data. X maps to theta, Y maps to R

Double_t theta, r;
//fill the histogram with something nice.
for(Int_t i=1; i<=pol_his->GetNbinsX(); i++)
	theta = pol_his->GetXaxis()->GetBinCenter(i);
	for(Int_t j=1; j<=pol_his->GetNbinsY(); j++)
		r = pol_his->GetYaxis()->GetBinCenter(j);
		pol_his->SetBinContent(i, j, r*cos(2.*theta) );

//make a dummy histogram to set the axis range from -rmax to rmax in both directions
TH2D* dummy_his = new TH2D("dummy", "histo title", 100, -rmax, rmax, 100, -rmax, rmax);

TCanvas* c1 = new TCanvas("theCanvas", "theCanvas", 600, 600);
dummy_his->Draw("COL"); // draw the dummy histogram first
pol_his->Draw("COL POL SAME"); // now draw the data histogram. If it has "SAME" it will use the first histogram ranges


PolarTH2.cpp (940 Bytes)

Any status on improving the POL draw commands? It is very awkward to have to make a blank histograms just to create the proper histogram axis.


May be you ca post a bug report on JIRA. It is easier to follow.