Pi symbol on TLatex

Hi, people!

I have a problem with TLaTeX and I don’t know if it is about my installation or what, but when I use the greek leter pi, I get the unequal symbol instead of pi. On my installation of LaTeX (I use Scientific Linux 5, but i’m not the admin), I solved this issue in LaTeX adding \usepackage{lmodern} but I think that’s not to be done with root

I attach a pdf showing the problem. The figure was made with root with a simple TH1F. The instructions were

rhoTrackPlusPt = new TH1F("rhoTrackPlusPt", "#pi^{+} candidate P_{T}", 100, 0, 2000);
rhoTrackPlusPt->SetXTitle("#pi^{+} P_{T} [MeV]");

No big science on it, and no further configuration.

problem.pdf (63.1 KB)

ROOT uses the symbol font to draw greek characters. The attached macro displays them all. The symbol fonts is present in $ROOTSYS/fonts. May be you have a symbol fonts installed elsewhere ? is your ROOTSYS variable defined ?

greek.C (5.36 KB)

I’ve just checked it, and $ROOTSYS is defined, and the fonts are well. Maybe I should add that I save the plots with c->Print("name.pdf") since I use mainly pdflatex. Should I try with another format before going any further?

Is it ok on screen ?
Pdf works too for me (see attached file)
greek.pdf (13 KB)

Yep, on the screen it works fine. I just realize it’s a problem with my LaTeX installation, not with ROOT. I saved them as jpg and it works fine, but the final pdf looks ugly :stuck_out_tongue:

I will have to search for a sollution with LaTeX.

A ok… you have a problem in the latex translation. So, yes, thats a latex matter in that case.

Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m having the same issue but haven’t been able to find any solutions with Google.


The problem was that my Evince installation was primitive (I don’t have sudoer’s permission), so I cannot upgrade it. The solution is to include lmodern fonts, but I don’t know how to do that on ROOT, so I cannot help with more than “use Acrobat or an updated version of Evince”…