paramOn also printing fit variable along with pdf shape parameters for binned likelihood fit

I am doing a binned extended maximum likelihood fit using Roofit.
I use pdf.paramOn(frame) to show fit results , but I am seeing that it is also printing a value for the fit variable (deltam) along with pdf shape parameters.

The fit log and result->Print() shows only 8 fit parameters ( as expected)

Why paramOn is printing extra entry corresponding to fit variable deltam ??

I think @moneta can help.

This is strange. I have never noticed this. Can you please post your code doing the plot above



Please download the folder here debug – Google Drive

To run the fitting script, do:
root -l
.x RooBifurStudent.cxx
.x part4_fix1d_delm.C

Hi, @moneta any ideas on this ??


Sorry for my late reply. I will look later today at your problem.
Thank you for sharing your code



I can reproduce the problem using your code.
I see there is however a simple workaround for you, just use this line to show the parameter values:

 mdzdel1.paramOn(deltam_frame, RooFit::Parameters(*flparams));


I have understood now what is happening,
just call RooAbsPdf::paramOn after calling RooAbsPdf::plotOn and it will be fine


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