OGL visualization: kOutline and kFill

Hello, I am trying to obtain 3D pictures using the OGL visualizer, but am not entirely satisfied with my output.
The visualizer can render shapes in the “Fill”, the “Wireframe” and the “Outline” mode: the “Fill” is very suggestive, with shadows and whatnot, but since in my model there are lots of very similar parts one next to the others, the edges of one are not clearly separated from the other, and the result is not neat. On the contrary, the “Outline” mode implies that each part is clearly demarcated from the others…but the mess of edge lines makes the picture ugly.

Is there a way to conjugate the best of the two worlds, like having ONLY the most external lines defining the Outline onto the “Filled” shape?! Or at least, if possible, in the “Outline” version, reduce the number of edge lines the viewer renders, so that, for example, that central disk does not have all those lines coming out of the center.

Thank you.

I guess @matevz and/or @agheata may help you with this question.

Hi, please see the answer in this post:

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