Rendering 3D Volumes clipped in OpenGL


I am developing a visualization tool with PyROOT and OpenGL.
I succeed in creating the geometry i want but when i clip it in OpenGL, volumes are empty.
For example when i clip a TGeoBBox with a perpendicular plane, instead of displaying another box with 6 planes, OpenGL display a volume with 5 planes and the sixth one ( included in the clipping plane ) is not displayed. OpenGL displays an extruded volume.

In others words when I use Volume.SetLineColors(int) surfaces are displayed in solid mode but volumes (defined by surfaces intersection) are not.

How should i proceed to make sure “volumes” (and not surfaces, i already got this) are displayed in solid mode when i use clipping tool of OpenGL ?
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I guess @agheata can help you.

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Hi Johann,

I see your point, unfortunately this is a feature of the current clipping mechanism in the viewer, that was implemented several years ago and the developer went away… I cannot give you a timeline for implementing that since we currently have no person power for the GL stuff. This is one of the areas where contributions from the community would be very useful.

Best, Andrei

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Hi Andrei,
Thank you for your answer,

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