Odd plotting behaviour after fitting

Dear experts,

all was born when plotting by model with the DrawOption(“F”) option.
It does something strange, it seems it’s colouring the external part of the function.

test.pdf (18.3 KB)

After some testing I figured out that it is because of the fit in a Range.
If I just remove Range(“namerange”) from my model->fitTo() leaving all the rest intact the problem is solved.

How can I go around the problem and have correct plots even when I fit in a Range?

In case it helps I get this INFO messages that I noticed I get only if the fit was done before plotting.

p.d.f was fitted in range and no explicit plot range was specified, using fit range as default
[#1] INFO:Plotting – RooAbsPdf::plotOn(model) only plotting range ‘fit_nll_model_dataana’


The Drawing F option means "filled’ polygon. That’s what it does.
Why do you need the option F ?