Not able to access RooAmplitude classes

Dear Expert,

I want to create a Dalitz plot with resonances similar as given in Worked Examples of page no 18 of But here all the classes related to RooAmplitude, I am not able to access with my Root version root-6.20.00.

Can you please suggest in which root version these classes will be available. or these is another way to access these classes?


I think @moneta can help you.


These classes described there are not part of ROOT and the RooFit library. They have been developed in that summer student project, and they were never been proposed as an addition to ROOT. I don’t know if the LHC experiments, use similar classes in their analysis.
If you want to use this RooAmplitude, you should try to contact the author

Best regards


Thanks @moneta, I will contact the author.

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