Multigraph with a linear & a log axis (data set)

I have the following data sets:
(a) linear X-axis + linear Y1-axis with asymmetric errors
(b) linear X-axis + logarithmic Y2-axis with symmetric errors.
How do I have them on the same plot together? Use multigraph?

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Yes. A TMultiGraph.

Thanks couet for replying.
I am unable to have a linear Y1 axis (left) for linear data points and a logarithmic Y2 axis (right) for logarithmic data points. Since my data points have asymmetrical errors on them, I don’t want to scale my data points.

I worked it out by using the transparent pad method:

However, there are 2 X-axes that are created since the 1st dataset is in X-range of [0,50] and 2nd dataset is in [20,30]. How to plot the 2nd dataset on the X-axis of the 1st dataset?