Logarithmic scale on negative values (range) on Z-axis


I am working on laser wake field interaction study. I am using pyroot for my visualization need to study the electric field fluctuation across a nano-tube.

The simulation study requires visualization of the electric field (positive and negative) across the nanotube.

As shown:

I would like to set log scale on the Z-axis, I have succeeded to do so for positive range of the axis, but not the negative range.

Not sure if ROOT could achieve log negative range for visualization purpose…

Any suggestions are welcome.



_ROOT Version: 6.28/00
_Platform: Mac 11.7.6
_Compiler: pyroot

The log function is not defined for the negative values.

@couet I think it’s about something like “((x > 0) ? log(x) : -log(-x))” (this introduces an ambiguity between “x” and “-1/x”, e,g., for “abs(x) <= 1” the simplest “protection” could be to force the result to 0 in these cases). See the x-axis in: Logarythmic axis on negative values

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Thanks @Wile_E_Coyote , This is exactly what i am looking for! Using the suggested neat trick , I am able to log the z axis, and the plot look like:

which is what i expected!

Thank you very much!


I don’t know how many points you have with abs(z) <= 1. Maybe you should “remove” these points from your plot or set the log(z) to 0 for them. The problem is that, for these points, log(z) == -log(-(-1/z)) and -log(-z) == log(-1/z) so this “mixes” these points in the plot with points for which abs(z) > 1 (i.e., z and -1/z will get the same “color”).

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Thanks for the suggestion, the current plot does not contain abs(z) <=1, most of the points distributed at the two extrema.

The next plot show the point with abs(z) ~ 1, and it is consistent with the expectation (there are no currents found outside (distance area) of the rectangular lying cylindrical tube, laser incident from the left).

Thanks again for the advice!


Note: it’s not about abs(z) ~ 1 but about abs(z) <= 1 versus abs(z) > 1.

yes, thanks for the correction!


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