Logarythmic axis on negative values

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I’m looking for suggestions on how to make a custom axis which would allow for setting a logarithmic scale on negative values. I would like to achieve something similar to this plot:

I would be grateful for any ideas.

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Your picture does not show any log(negative number). For the y-axis, when dE/dx = 0.794 then log10(dE/dx) = -0.1 and when dE/dx = 0.905 then log(dE/dx) = -0.1 and when dE/dx = 1 then log10(dE/dx) = log(dE/dx) = 0 (I don’t know what they mean by “lg”).

Oh, sorry… My question wasn’t clear enough - I’m interested in what was done with horizontal axis. There is nothing interesting going on with the vertical one, but the label is indeed misleading.

@couet should be able to take a look when he’s back in two weeks!

I don’t know where you’ve got this plot from but, try to directly contact its authors (they may give you the script which creates it). It seems that it’s a plot from the “NA61 / SHINE experiment at CERN SPS”, showing the “energy deposit in TPCs” for the “p+C at 31 GeV/c (2007 data)”.

Thank you for your replies.
In case anyone is interested I use such a trick, that I plot my data with -log(p) as x-axis and then I just remove original axis and I draw a new one, which is reversed. There is no minus sign though.

double xlow = -TMath::Log10(300.);
double xup = -TMath::Log10(0.1);
TH2F* hist_neg = new TH2F("hneg","hneg",nbinsx,xlow,xup,nbinsy,ylow,yup);
// in a for loop over my data:
    hist_neg->Fill( -1*TMath::Log10(ptot) , dedx );



TGaxis *newaxis = new TGaxis(

The effect I get looks like this:

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