LLVM & ROOT 15chars

why to build ROOT from sources I have to compile the whole LLVM stuff which takes forever.
It’s funny to see no LLVM binaries in ROOT installation after all.

Regards. Valeriy


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I guess @Axel or @vvassilev should know.

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ROOT needs a patched version of LLVM/clang for its interpreter.
However building LLVM should be a relatively rare occurrence even for ROOT developers: incremental builds will not need to re-build LLVM every time, and ccache can be used to cache build artifacts and avoid recompilation.


I suggest to remove it from sources

Thnx Bertrand!
How are you? locked in down? :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. And teleworking…

Unfortunately that wouldn’t change the fact that in order to build ROOT you need to build a patched version of LLVM/clang first.

It’s not nly my opinion but ten hours built can make to hate ROOT anyone even me as holy blind supporter:)
Please, storm your brain and fix it:)

Brainstorming is done, since years, actually, meaning we totally agree:

  • we’re upstreaming the relevant parts of cling such that we don’t need to patch llvm and clang anymore
  • we’ve made ROOT available through +/- all channels, so you generally don’t even want to build ROOT yourself anymore.

If you really do want to build it, get yourself a machine that can do it under 10 hours (i.e. get rid of the raspberry pi for building ROOT). We generally get it done in about 10 minutes, so there seems to be quite some room for improvement to your hardware. (Oh, and don’t use Windows. Building any software on Windows is famous for being incredibly slow. Not the compiler’s fault, but the file system, build system, etc…)


why not to separate two builds – cling and patched llvm?
Just make it as git subproject at least
I’m ltlbit dissopinted why don’t you see a new player in the linux world- the M$ and its dotNET invasion

I can bet anyone everyone will forget soon Qt in favor of UWP
Everybody will code on linux from inside VS & VSCode

so you generally don’t even want to build ROOT yourself anymore.

I have patched, my own fork of ROOT

We’re open for everyone, including the MS players: that’s for instance why we offer ROOT graphics through HTML div these days.

You can separate the clang+llvm builds if you want, by specifying an external one. git subproject doesn’t solve a thing. What would be the advantage for you, for any of this, concretely? Trust me, it’s not worth the pain. Better invest in recent hardware.

Not fully true.
On my VirtualBox-ed Windows I compile ROOT under 30 minutes with half of my CPU cores.

Privet, Sergey,
why don’t you yuse bootstrap in RootJs demo?
It’s ugly on my phone

Regards. Valeriy

Give me money and I would

Recently I tried to use bootstrap for menu functionality - and I didnot like it.
Actually, it has just functional problems.

And typical problem of universal GUIs - they are taking too much space on desktop browsers.
I could think about implementing special variant for mobile devices - but this is not in my priority list.

Could you share?

One more Q.
To “select” i.e. Root tree query is it done on the server side running node.js/THttpServer?

Such list does not exists on the paper.
Every year we preparing ROOT plan of work for next year.
And beside that I have several other projects in GSI