LLVM & ROOT 15chars

Both variants are possible.
JSROOT can read TTree data and perform select and draw. But some corner cases (like friends or chains) are not supported.

Using THttpServer class, one can make I/O on C++ side, using JSROOT only for visualisation

I didn’t touch ROOT for even 10 years. My fav version is 5.34
Since then the only great thing appeared it’s defiantly is RootJS
I have to back to ROOTing.
Dictatorship of Rene is over, and ROOT is overing too

it’s too offtopng
is it possible to make “selecting” on the client side?

Yes. Like this simple example:

Drawing “px:py” when “pz>5”.

Indeed ROOT changed on dramatically, and it’s maybe a tad bit early for you come up with a verdict of what we did over the last years after you’re back on ROOT for 2 days? :slight_smile: Keep on asking questions, we’re here to help!

I returned from .NET, Android worlds
and I see you are living in the previous Millennium.

I never see any C++17 async, “parallel for” inside te ROOT code
like LHC/parallel.h at master · TheLartians/LHC (github.com)
At the time I met Rene ROOT was dissidental, chegevara, and struggle to survive.
Now it’s a smells like a corpse

Rene!Fons! where are you? bring it back

Indeed, we now need to balance revolution and maintenance. Try again to grep for async and parallel for, it’s all there. We use tbb; the C++ executor etc are still not available, not in compilers and std libraries, not even in the standard.

Maybe I can help you find the revolution: see any of the recent ROOT presentations. Check topics such as RDataFrame, RNTuple, the new graphics system, RooFit, etc.

Now, a word of warning: I might stop providing helpful answers if I continue to see you throw mud at us. Be reasonable, Valeriy. We’re happy to receive constructive criticism, but “smells like a corpse” is just a ridiculous statement that serves no purpose but to piss us off and basically just proves that you don’t know what you’re talking about :slight_smile: The feedback we get from previous devs (and project leaders) is either that we should stop turning everything upside down, or that we’re doing a terrific job in challenging the community to keep pace :slight_smile: Now - those are probably also exaggerations, but I prefer these over yours. Can we stop the public exchange of useless general statements, please, and instead focus on technical discussions: is there something that doesn’t work for you?

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Sorry for being too rushiang

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