Latex characters direclty in the canvas

Hi, i have a stupid doubt. I use root since a couple of years but just few days ago i noticed that, if i want to set a title in a histogram/graph directly in the canvas after draw it ( so using the left button of the mouse) i cannot use latex characters ( e.g i cannot type #, or i cannot cut and paste a string.) It is normal or i was wrong in the installation.


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Could you provide an example of what you are tying to do?

first of all. I forgot to write i have a MAC OSx 10.12.3
Assume i have a canvas with a histogram and i forgot to insert the axis label.
So i click on the x axis with the right button of the mouse and i select SetName.
If i want to type a greek letter i need the # symbol, but i am not able to type it in the window that appears ( and i cannot paste something as well)

You want to use SetTitle. SetName specifies the name of the axis used to find its pointer, where as SetTitle specifies the text to be displayed.

Ok, but i have the same problem :frowning:

What version of ROOT are you using?

Here are screenshots from ROOT 6.10.04:

I Have ROOT 6.06/04.

Works for me no problem with ROOT 6.06/04. You’ll probably have to wait for @couet to return and answer your question.


it’s probably the same issue discussed here Problem in typing characters in text input on macosx


Interesting, @Giovanni_Ciani can we assume you are using an Italian keyboard?

Yes, i have. i changed to USA keyboard and now i can type special symbols!
Thank a lot! I will remember it :slight_smile:


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