Get Data from Graph

Hi all.

I have been using Minuit to do a minimisation (of -significance) however I actually want a maximisation (of the significance). I’ve got scans out of Minuit however I am looking for a way to get the data from the scan so I can plot the significance properly (so I have a plot of variable vs significance not variable vs -significance) OR I am looking for a way to flip the y axis (so the negative axis is pointing upwards) and a way to change the axis labels/hide the minus sign (possibly by making the significance axis labels all have the same decimal places and then putting a white box over the minus signs? - Not sure how to do this though!).

Many thanks for any help/ideas in advanced!

I guess @moneta can help you.

Found a solution in the form of

int n = gr->GetN();
double *x = gr->GetX();
double *y = gr->GetY();

where gr is the graph you want to get the data out of and x and y will be arrays of length n.

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