Fitting a TGraph2D

Dear all,

I am using a “line3Dfit.C” macro to perform 3D linear fits (see the link below). I guess the variable which gives the goodness of the fit is MinFcnValue(), right? What is the exact meaning of this? And how proceed to get the chi2 instead?



A better link to this example is here:

Hi Diego,


   const ROOT::Fit::FitResult & result = fitter.Result();

you can check with the fit result, see

Cheers, Axel.

Dear Couet and Axel,

Thanks for answering. I already tried to replace “result.MinFcnValue()” by “result.Chi2()” in my code and I get always “-1” as result. This is the problem.



@moneta does that mean the fit did not converge?

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