Failed to get attribute RooDoubleCB from ROOT with PyROOT

Dear experts

when I tried to define RooDoubleCB with pyROOT, there is error arise “AttributeError: Failed to get attribute RooDoubleCB from ROOT”

and ROOT version is 6.26/00

would you please help me to solve this problem?

It looks like a Python issue. I guess @etejedor can help you.


The RooDoubleCB is not part of ROOT, so this is no surprise. I think some users are passing the source code to that class around, but then you have to load it yourself in the interpreter.

But before you ask how to do that, is there a reason for you not to use the RooCrystalBall class that is part of ROOT since 6.24?

The order of the constructor arguments is a bit different, but it is a generalization of the double-sided Crystal ball that also covers the case implemented by the RooDoubleCB user class.

Hope that helps!


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