ERROR:InputArguments -- RooBinning::binEdges ERROR:bin number must be in range

Dear Experts

I get this redundant error while running the attached macro. I have no clue what to do with this. I have set the bins and range of observable X but it is still there.

[#0] ERROR:InputArguments – RooBinning::binEdges ERROR: bin number must be in range (0,1200)

test.C (747 Bytes)
wspace_Rx.root (69.1 KB)

Please suggest some way to overcome this. (Input file and Macro attached)
Thank you!

It seems you have wrong inout arguments.
May be @moneta can give some hints.

When the PDFs are plotted, they are integrated first to compute the proper normalisation.
Since they are integrated over the definition range of the observable [-0.3, 0.3], but there is a binning defined from [-0.6, 0.], the integrator cannot find the bins corresponding to observable values from [0., 0.3].

Was there a mistake in defining the ranges of the observable or some binnings?

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See this:

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