Empty root leaves

Hi,I am using Gatev9 along with Geant4 and ROOT6.
I have created a root file from GATE macro file. It print out the output but the root trees(leaves) do not formed any histogram in the root TBrowser(see screenshot) even after several attempts.
Screenshot from 2021-02-02 16-01-11|690x387
Any kind of help me a lot.

At the ROOT prompt can you Print your tree and post the output here ?

root [0] tree->Print();

Error is “use of undeclared identifier tree” but in the root Tbrowser there are two trees name hits and optical data that contains leaves as in the screenshot sent?

Of course tree should be replace by your tree name.

root [0] your_tree->Print();

Thanks! I tried but error is.

root [1] Hits;1->Print();
ROOT_prompt_1:1:9: error: member reference type 'int' is not a pointer

I think the problem is with executing macro because when i executed macro then it prints all data but at the end gave error(see screenshot).


root [1] Hits->Print();

Thanks @couet it prints the data in the tree but i want to see graphs in leaves that are in that tree.
How can I do this?

Imagine X is the variable in the tree Hits you want to see. Simply do.

root [1] Hits->Draw("X");

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