Displaying functions of fit parameters on statbox?

This is probably silly but I couldn’t find any solution in the “SetParameter” section so finally gonna ask this!

Suppose I fit a function of type

[0] + [1] * exp(-x/[2])

to my histogram and along with the default parameters “p0, p1, and p2” I also want to display a 4th dependent parameter “p0/(p0+p1)” in the stat-box, is it possible?
Extra question (of secondary interest):
How about giving a name to that dependent variable? For example it should show up in the stabox like:

Drop (p0/(p0+p1)) = xxx +- yyy

I will really appreciate any help.


_ROOT Version: 6.14/04
_Platform: Ubuntu 16.04
_Compiler: g++ 5.4.0

For your first question may be this can help.
I think the second question is also answered with the same link.

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Excellent! This answered both of my questions :grinning:

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