Disabling the handing of drag (zoom) events in TAxis

Hi all, I am working with an application project (Windows using ROOT 5.28_00b) that has a histogram with axes. The axes are able to be grabbed and dragged for zooming. I have been asked to turn off this feature, but I don’t see an option for doing so. Before I go and inherit from TAxis only in order to turn this feature off, I was hoping someone would confirm for me whether there is a way to do this without inheriting. And if not, if I were to update to the latest ROOT version (6.24) would there be enhancements that would allow me to do this? I have taken a look into the source and haven’t seen any sign of a way to do this.

You could try with:

which disables everything and makes the canvas fixed. If you want more specific control, take a look at the first link below, with statements like:



is the right way. If the flag is false the method doing the axis editing immediately exits.

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