TCanvas::SetEditable and zoom

how is possible to use SetEditable unchecked (= false, for my users, because they don’t want to move the objects into the canvas when zooming or changing colors) but use the zoom for the TGraph and histograms?

Thank you very much
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Andrea Bulgarelli


Currently the SetEditable check box disables
any kind of editing in the canvas.
You are requesting a partial editing.
This should not be a check box anymore,
but a list of options.
This requires some work . We put this request on our todo list.


Thank you very much.
I think that the zoom operation (zoom and unzoom) is the more useful operation that it is possible to use with SetEditable == kFALSE. In addition, the DrawPanel and FitPanel operation are important too.
Because with the SetEditable == kFALSE it is currently possibile to change the aspect of every object contained into a Canvas, from an user point of view the graphic aspect with the above operationd should be the best combination of root functionalities.

Thak you
Best regards
Andrea Bulgarelli

Hi Andrea,

The new pad editor interface might provide what you are looking for. After having your histogram drawn in the canvas you can activate the new editor, click on the canvas and un-check the Edit box; after that click on the histogram to have histogram editor activated. Click on the Binning tab where you have the possibility to change axis range and number of bins.

Cheers, Ilka